My cousin’s wedding

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First of all, the bride was orphan from her mother and his father didn’t come because the name of her step-mother wasn’t printed on the invitation. So during the ceremonial in the synagogue, lots of people were crying.

And during the party, A great scene where the brother of the bride told her very sad things and the bride started to cry with the brother. For a minute, I thought I was in a Russian wedding or in a Zola novel.

– Add drama to your wedding, it brings tension and emotion. It makes the wedding more powerful.

Jewish religious wedding means lots of virgin girls who search for their future husband. Those girls, at my sense does not know what they’re missing, really. Just to discover what a man is and to know is they are ready to support us. In fact those girls are living in a world of illusions. When they will have those 5 kids, got 60 pounds and all that stuff, this world will collapse for her.

– Put closed vagina into the party, it will arouse young men.

Food, when I want to eat air food, I’m taking the plane. Even American Airlines gives decent pizza to their passengers. The food was horrible. But you can’t say anything, you’re invited and as the marriage is a Zola novel. You can just mute and look plates with your table neighbour. A kind of bank clerk or whatever. In a jewish wedding, there is a lot of music. And you can’t hear anything of what’s your table neighbour is telling you. So, you’re acknowledging without understanding what the guy told you.

– Learn sign languages, it could be helpful in certain occasions.

Despite all those little common things on weddings, I really but really hope that my cousin’s and his wife will have a great life. Mazel Tov !

I’ll be writing more often in english, french translation will come later this time

5 Responses to “My cousin’s wedding”

  1. Jen
    11/7/2005 at 15:40 #

    Okay for virgin girls… But what about the goy bobo girls who make men crazy for “le beau sexe” ?!!

  2. nathan
    11/7/2005 at 16:08 #

    Some guys would think it is a transgression of a pre-established order. Like me.

    Some would never thought of having a goy bobo girl even for le beau sexe… Boundaries of a religion scheme.

  3. Jen
    11/7/2005 at 16:16 #

    Too bad… je le trouverai malgré tout, un jour, mon circoncis ! mais alors tous ces hommes feujs de 50 ans, amis de ma mère, qui ont fait une famille avec des goy, ils sont où leur fils ??? :-))

  4. nathan
    11/7/2005 at 16:22 #

    De l’autre côté de l’Océan ? Ils sont allés à Yale ou à Harvard et travaillent maintenant dans le domaine de la finance ou dans une law firm, non ?

    Jen, prépare tes valises et vas à NYC, là bas la circoncision est plus “automatique” (même chez les protestants) pour des raisons d’hygiène…

  5. schuey
    12/7/2005 at 12:15 #

    closed vagina… very classy nathan 😉

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